Principal's Message



Focus on the journey, not the destination .  Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”.

Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. The first five years experiences the most rapid changes of life are critical in a child’s development. Children develop rapidly during this time, physically intellectually, emotionally and socially. Also the earliest years of a child’s life are key to predicting ultimate success in their school and personal life especially the period from “The age of three years until the beginning of class-1 is a mainstream school is called the fountain stage of learning.” All children should be given the opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education.

Learning in KV schools is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, punctual, responsible and above all “loyal”. Education at KV provides a base for life time of learning and is great fun too as we groom them to be multifaceted personality to be the best citizen of the nation as they are the nation builder Teaching at KVS especially primary is a two way process. Where the teachers first try and understand each individual child so as to provide them with the most easy and adaptable techniques and a conducive, ambience for them to learn “what is delivered” (learning out comes).we believe in teaching by following the child. We strive to keep our toddlers busy with learning activities.

Today the role of a school is not only to “pursue excellence but also to empower its student to be lifelong learners” .  The best possible environment for a healthy development of young children by providing a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

Our motto is to “make them face the challenges of life by teaching life skills which helps to shape their futures and also to remain mentally , emotionally, physically stable, strong and sound”.

I also take this opportunity to thank the parents of our student and management BRBNMPL for having bestowed their faith and confidence in us “your faith in us is our driving force”.